Your 3-Step guide to getting started with XBert

Step 1. Sync your accounting files

Focus on a few files to start with and add more as you go.

How to add Xero, MYOB and QuickBooks files

Step 2. Work through the alerts found in your files

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) will have checked your files for errors and anomalies, and you can access details and resolve options of each alert, start working through these on the Work Board.

Video: Work Board | Work Board

Step 3. Invite your team members

Assign alerts to your team members to resolve and have full visibility across your team's work.

How To: Invite or add users to your XBert team | Video: Inviting your team into XBert

Book a 15-minute success session

Just 15 minutes with a customer success team member can help you work through your XBerts at lightning speed.

Book A Session

What is an XBert?

What is an XBert | Video: Getting to know your XBerts

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