Your return on investment is clear using the XBert Review page. For each organisation, XBert Review shows the total incoming and outgoing cash monitored by XBert, the total potential risk amount detected by XBert with a breakdown of risk types and the amount of actual savings by totalling the XBerts you have resolved. You can also calculate the amount of time saved.


Accessing an organisation's XBert Review

Single business subscriptions: You can access the XBert Review page from the panel menu found on on the right.


XBert CONNECT accounts: You can access XBert Review page from the panel menu as above when you're within an organisation's XBert account.

From your CONNECT ORGANISATIONS dashboard, select CLIENT DETAILS. This will also take you to the organisation's XBert Review page showing the incoming and outgoing cash monitored and a breakdown of the XBerts and the savings you've made in money and time.

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