For an organisation's XBert account, the Settings are found on the panel menu on the far right and is where you’ll find controls for personal settings, and that of the business. Some settings are only visible to those with administrator permissions.

From the panel menu you can access the following tabs:

  • Settings: Use Business Settings for updating account information, managing your subscription and payments, selecting how many days before resolved XBerts are automatically filed, and deleting your XBert account and data. With User Settings, you can edit your information, change your profile picture, manage your email notifications, and can also delete your account.

  • Invite Business - set up another business on XBert. You'll need to log in to your cloud accounting system and grant XBert access to read the data.

  • Users - add more people to your XBert account, edit existing user information, change permissions (administrator or user), or remove them.

  • XBert Review - is the total incoming and outgoing cash monitored by XBert, the total potential risk amount detected by XBert and the amount of actual savings by totalling the XBerts you have resolved. You can also calculate the amount of time saved.

  • FAQ & Guides - read helpful articles about using XBert,

  • Get Support - submit a support request, chat with the support team, or email us.

  • Log Out

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