XBert uses an international standard for Internet security protocol called SSL. The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a protocol for establishing authenticated and encrypted links between networked computers, e.g. your computer and the XBert server.

When using XBert, your Internet browser confirms our SSL certificate. As you continue with the connection, any data is secure and encrypted, remains private and is safely shared between our web server and your Internet browser. You can learn more here.

Once integrated, XBert is authorised for read-only access to your associated cloud accounting data. XBert will start analysing that data, securely storing it on our encrypted database. XBert syncs multiple times a day but only reads your data and can't make any changes, i.e. the syncing is one-way.

We read the records such as Bank Transactions, Contacts, and Invoices that XBert can analyse to best help you detect errors, anomalies, and business patterns. We never update any of your accounting data and securely store only the information we need to provide you with the relevant XBerts.

When using XBert, any alerts you receive must be fixed within Xero. Once the underlying issue is fixed, the XBert will show as resolved after the next data sync, and then you can file that XBert away.

Please email support@xbert.io if you want further information.

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