So you’ve started to see the benefits of having XBert auditing your data.

Our Process automation is designed to make your life simple, by mapping your XBerts to certain processes, having a clear and easily trackable system in place for your team to follow and giving you full visibility across your process workflow at any given time.

Setting these up is really easy.

XBert comes loaded with common practice processes that are mapped to XBert alerts and ready to associate your custom tasks to. However, we know not all practices are the same, so there’s also the option to customise these processes simply by editing them or you can add your own.

You’ll notice these processes throughout XBert on your Work board and in the client consoles on the left of the screens. Think about how you and your team work, and what processes you need or don’t need. Some teams like detail, some like to keep it simple with less than 10 processes.

To update these processes simply go to Settings in the Connect Portal menu > Process settings. Here you will see the predefined processes that you can edit add or delete.

Ticking a process enables it to display on your process filters. Unticked processes will appear in other areas like on the organisation board where you can set client types if you like.

Also on the left we have XBert Automation. Here you can see all the XBert types mapped to your processes. If you decide to change your processes, then check and simply re-map XBerts if you need to. Any unmapped XBerts will be automated to ‘Process not set’.

Take note of all these XBerts. Remember you’ll no longer need to create tasks for many of these checks, because XBert’s already done the checks for you…and we’re developing more XBerts all the time.

Once you have set up your processes, you can create tasks and workflow templates aligned to these to keep your work tidy. Watch the Workflow Template video for the easiest way to get started.

If you’re time poor or have a detailed workflow you’d like us to help you setup, you may want to take part in our Step Ahead program. This is great if you just want to continue to focus on your work and only set aside time for a few workshops with us to get XBert humming along for you.

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