With your processes and templates set up and your team in your CONNECT portal, there will be no need for you jump in and out of multiple programs to track progress and communicate tasks.

Inviting your team will allow you to:

  • Have complete visibility over what your team needs to do and when

  • Easily communicate

  • Instruct on new tasks as they arise

  • Edit, assign and reassign tasks

  • Check on the progress at any time.

How To: Invite or add users to your XBert team

In your CONNECT portal, click on the top right-hand settings bar, click CONNECT users on the drop down and Invite Users. It’s then a simple form to fill out, to send your invite to whoever is required within your portal.

XBert will work with your Xero permissions, so you don’t need to set this up again. If you’d like to your team to work within your current practice access, choose Xero permissions. This will ensure they only see the files they have access to within the Xero files currently.

If you want them to have unrestricted access to all files – click Unrestricted. Unrestricted users will see all client tasks and XBerts, however, you will still need to add permissions in your accounting file if these users need file access.

Your team will receive an email invite to join your accepted team, and all they need to do is accept the invitation by clicking the join button in the email, and then creating a password. They’ll also be provided with similar help information you’re getting here, to help them get educated on how to utilize XBert as a member of your Team (rather than a Practice Owner).

Once your team member has accepted, you can go back to Connect users to edit or remove any Connect team members if needed.

Once all your team has accepted their invitations You can then set your team roles on each of your client files on the organisation board.

Settings roles here help workflow templates automate to the correct team member and prevent having to reassign a lot of tasks should a member leave your team.

Here’s a pro tip: don’t forget to assign a role to your unassigned XBerts & tasks so nothing gets missed. This ensures all XBerts will be assigned to this role and if a task gets created from that XBert, will also be assigned.

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