Never again will you shed blood, sweat and tears creating templates and tasks for your practice.

Our simple, repeating Templates will help you automate your Processes and Tasks.

Go to the Templates > New Template. You can choose to create this as a Task Template to run across

  • all your client files

  • choose client specific tasks.


  • choose who you’d like to assign the Template to

  • map it to a Process

  • set the relevant date

  • whether it’s recurring or not

  • when it needs to be completed by.

This makes it so simple to create streamlining workflow for End of Month, Reconciliation and BAS.

Templates will replicate into your work board and you’ll be able to access these in each individual client portals if you prefer working in there.

We know some people like to work on one client all day, while others like to work on all clients at once, so we’ve made it so you can do both.

Although it’s simple to set up these templates and tasks, we also know there are some of you who are super time poor or have lots of types of clients – so we do offer a Step Ahead Program where we help you set all these up.

If you’d like to know more about that, contact us at

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