On the Work board you’ll have complete visibility over your entire practice workflow.

View all your clients at once, know what has to be done and by when, easily click through to client consoles and know where your team is at.

There are two views in Work board: List View and Team View.

List View you can see all the processes you set up earlier down the left-hand side of the screen, followed by all your clients. You can then filter what you’d like to see across all clients by XBerts, Tasks, where they’re at in the process and a number of other handy filters.

Click on a task for the full details. Here you can change the process set due dates, assign team members and change the status. You can also add comments if required.

Some things are easy: like waiting. If you complete it and have sub tasks remaining, we will let you know. You can also choose to snooze it (if you’re having one of those days).

Your templates schedule into the processes and against each client. You can filter via assigned users, status and due dates.

Choose a process and a client, you can choose My Items to see what is on your workload, or you can filter and choose from a range of options including staff, type etc

You can also Save views, for quick access back to your often-used filter selections.

You can open and work on your tasks here directly, or click through to the client console.

You can find completed tasks here:

You’ll notice if you’ve completed any XBerts they’ll appear here and note if they’ve been resolved or unresolved and how many sub tasks are remaining.

You can move a task from complete by simple changing its status and it will appear back on your work board.

Team View will allow you to track whether your team are staying up-to-date by easily seeing what’s been assigned to each person and what’s overdue.

Clicking any number on a team member will take you back to your Work board and show all the tasks for that staff member. You’ve got actions to use, here you might want to use the Actions to change status on a group of tasks, reassign a group of tasks or change the due dates. These actions are great if someone is away or under the pump and you need to reallocate tasks.

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