To work on clients one at a time, jump into the client console.

You’ll notice the banner change to white, which is an indication you’ve moved from your CONNECT portal into the client console.

The functions in here work very similarly to the CONNECT portal. We’re bringing in List View that you would have discovered on the Work board soon but right now, the client console has been designed so a client can access these tasks easily on their mobile device.

Each XBert or Task tile is easily accessible here.

Click details for an explanation of what’s required, or click resolve to head directly to the issue within your accounting software.

You can easily change the due date, assign users, status and make comments for each XBert or Task from here.

If you’re looking to work on specific tasks or XBerts, you can use the filters and reporting due date selectors to prioritise what you see.

You can filter by

  • Process

  • Due date

  • Assigned

You can find completed XBerts and tasks here.

Choose all processes or one of your set custom processes at a time.

It’s great to create ad hoc tasks for your clients here, to chase any queries and get information you need quickly. If you’re ready to invite your client, you can then assign tasks to them, they’ll be notified and can respond on the files.

There’s also a handy email integration that eliminates the need for double handling of information, while creating a neat trail of correspondence should the compliance officer come knocking.

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