He have standard reports that demonstrate the data within and highlighted by XBert.


A quick visual overview of the status of the account.

XBert Review

A breakdown of all the risk alerts highlighted on the account including resolved and unresolved items. Perfect for sharing with clients

If you’re interested in the Grow or Partner Plans, our Analytics & BI reports are a great way to grow your advisory – and may reduce your need on other reporting tools.

View over 50 metrics right here so you don't have to trawl through every client file,
AND integrated BI report for every connected client file.

Example BI Report

These provide you with deep insights into your clients data at the click of a button, showing potential risks and giving you an overall picture of business quality.

The summary view is non-time-specific and can be used to understand key information about the file.

Each of the reports -


Each is time-based so you can review changes across your reporting periods. Clicking on the client will show you the client drill-down information for the report you are on. This information is focused on the items found over the 12 months.

You can use this to identify areas for improvement, open meaningful conversations with your clients and even discuss taking back work from your client into your practice. Here’s how it works:

The Analytics Board is accessible within the CONNECT portal and provides an overview of key metrics for your clients, all in one place.

Analytics Board

Here you’ll find loads of smart numbers that you’re always running reports on, with many deep links into your clients accounting software to quickly reconcile or access client bills or invoices.

You can drill down on specific analytics by clicking the categories on the left-hand side of the screen – you can see these include a Summary of all, Banking, Invoicing, Billing and Payroll. You can also filter these analytics by assigned user and client tags

Some examples here include Bank Transaction, Bill and Invoice tallies to help you keep an eye on the level of work required verse the fees you’re currently charging clients.

Handy dates like knowing when the depreciation was last run, and even how many staff left or started at your client’s business.

We even show you how many bills don’t have attachments, and it links to a tricky XBert you can share with your client.

For more detailed information or to ask one of our experts about our analytics features, get in touch with us today email support@xbert.io.

Please note - Loading times may vary depending on how many clients you have and how large your files are. So please be patient on the first load of these metrics and reports. We'll be adding more metrics, views over time, and if there's something you want let us know!

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