Inviting clients is a smart way to streamline your communication and eliminate the double handling of information and to reduce the amount emails that clog up your personal inbox.

It’s the same process to invite clients, however it must be done from within the client console. This ensures you don’t accidentally invite clients into the wrong file, or to your Connect portal. They will only see their business data – and you have the option to hide XBerts and tasks you don’t want them to see.

If you want to hide your workflows and XBerts, you can do this in the CONNECT settings. Your clients will only ever see what you assign to them. There are many XBerts that you’ll need to discuss with your clients and you’ll be a Rockstar for pointing them out.

We recommend getting used to XBert before you invite your clients, however: think about inviting your clients to reduce your emails, have clients create tasks for you, and having a neat trail of correspondence from a compliance perspective. There’s more info on this in our Client Features video.

Remember, we are heavily focused on user feedback and we want to hear from you! Contact us to tell us what features you’re loving, and if there are any you’d like to see.

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