XBert is about keeping things simple so you can resolve financial risks quickly, save time and save money. Our Snapshots and Charts are easy to understand and visually engaging.

Each time you log in, you’ll see your SNAPSHOTS. These give you an up-to-date indication of your business' financial health. Click on each Snapshot to know how that amount is calculated. Your first Snapshot is the number of XBert risk alerts plus the associated amount of money at risk.


To view any new or existing XBERTS & TASKS, click on the XBert Snapshot or use the navigation menu at the top. XBerts and tasks appear together so that you can easily manage and prioritise your workflow.

If you've been invited to XBert by your bookkeeper or accountant, you may see only a few XBerts and tasks. You'll see any items assigned to you that require your attention and tasks you create but won't see items your advisor and their team are resolving internally, e.g. possible duplicate contact records. This helps keep your dashboard clean and allows you to focus on risks you can help resolve.

There's also a Search and Filtering feature for both XBerts and Tasks to help you find what you need and prioritise workflow. On the XBERT & TASKS dashboard, you'll see the search bar and filter, just below the panel menu on the far right. You can toggle the status view to show ALL items, just XBERTS or just TASKS. Search for a supplier/customer name, an amount, an XBert keyword, eg. GST or duplicate, select a date range or filter by tags or the item assignee. Use just one filter, or any number required.

Use ACTIONS to FILE all items in view. Use + NEW TASK to create tasks.


On the individual XBert and task, click DETAILS for more information. You can set and edit tags for XBerts and tasks, assign yourself or a team member, set a due date and add comments. Once in an XBert you see issues associated with this risk, and tips to resolve it.

Use the navigation menu at the top and select CHARTS to view business trends, patterns and forecasts. Select ACTIVITY to monitor the activity feed. You can monitor MY ACTIVITY or ALL ACTIVITY for the team. You'll also find TEAM CHAT under this tab.

The panel menu on the right is where you’ll find Settings to control personal settings, and if you're an administrator, that of the business including payment details. You can invite other businesses or users and also view the task calendar and the business' XBert Review with a breakdown of risks and savings. There's also a link to download our browser extension, get support and here, our FAQ site.

Administrators can also customise process tagging in Settings. Process Tags is where you edit and add tags. Tag Automation is where you automatically allocate a tag to the different XBert types.

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