You can invite or add another business to XBert, and this will be particularly useful for bookkeepers and accountants who will want to add clients' businesses to their CONNECT account. These client organisations display on your CONNECT portal dashboards for easy workflow management.

XBert makes collaboration easy and improves productivity.

There is no limit to the number of businesses you can invite; however, each business will require a separate subscription to be paid accordingly.

How do you invite or add a business to XBert?

Step 1. Go to the Settings panel on the right of your dashboard.


Step 2. Select the INVITE BUSINESS tab.


Step 3. You'll be taken to a page and asked to confirm your role within the new business, e.g. bookkeeper, accountant, business owner etc. By clicking CONFIRM, you will be taken through to the next step and asked to sync the cloud accounting data for this new business.

Please note: The addition of this new business will not be complete unless you sync the associated cloud accounting data.


Step 4. You'll be prompted to sync your cloud accounting software*. Select your software provider, then click on the 'GRANT ACCESS' button, which will take you to your software provider's site to allow XBert the authority to read and analyse your data.

This setup process will log you out of the current XBert session for your existing business.


Step 5. Select the organisation, if you have multiple, that you want to integrate with XBert and click the 'Allow access' button.


Step 6. Once the new business setup is complete, and the accounting data is processed, you'll begin receiving XBert notifications, and emails related to this business.

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