This guide outlines how you can remove an organisation you have added as part of your CONNECT account.

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure that you are in the individual organisation that you want to delete, and not at the CONNECT level as this will delete your CONNECT account and all linked organisations.

Removing an organisation from CONNECT will delete the organisation and all data from XBert completely as it was set up as a CONNECT organisation.

Any users invited to XBert for this organisation only, e.g. your client/business owner will also have their XBert accounts deleted. However, any users that are part of your CONNECT team, will continue to access any linked organisations in your CONNECT account that they have permission to see.

To delete the organisation, follow these steps (images are below):

  1. Log in to XBert CONNECT

Step 2. Select the organisation you want to delete from your CONNECT account using the Connect Portal drop-down menu or using the Search function.

Step 3. Open the panel menu on the right-hand side and click on Settings.


Step 4. Confirm you are in the correct organisation as the name will appear in the organisation name bar. Remember, you need to be IN the individual organisation and not at the CONNECT level.

Step 5. Select Business Settings then scroll down the page to the section called, Remove CONNECT Organisation

Step 6. Select REMOVE ORGANISATION. You will be asked to confirm this action on the next page.


You will be logged out as part of this process since you are in the account for the organisation you just deleted. When you log in to XBert CONNECT again, this organisation will no longer be part of your account.

If you want to add these organisations again to your CONNECT account at a later date, just select Add Organisation from the panel menu.

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