To make things simple, you can invite someone to your XBert CONNECT team and grant them matching Xero permissions, or grant them Unrestricted Permissions.


When creating your CONNECT account, you're asked to invite people. At a later date or at any time, you can use the CONNECT Users tab on the panel menu to add people to your team. There is no limit to the number of team members you can have.

Fill in their details and decide whether they should have Unrestricted Permissions where they see all linked organisations, XBerts (risk alerts), Tasks, Snapshots and Charts; or match their Xero permissions so they see only those organisations and associated items (XBerts and Tasks).

All XBerts are resolved in Xero, so if Unrestricted, they see items for all linked organisations, however, they can only resolve XBerts for organisations corresponding to their Xero access.

When completed, select ADD USER.


Next, decide whether they should be administrators to your account. Administrators can edit CONNECT Settings such as updating payment details and team member permissions.

The default setting (green ADMIN) is to allow administrator permissions. Select this to remove administrator permissions.


When completed, you will see the below confirmation message. Each user invited will be sent an email explaining that they have been invited and instructions on how to join. For security reasons, if the user hasn't accepted the invite within seven days, you will need to invite them again.


PLEASE NOTE: To collaborate with clients or external teams, you should invite them to the relevant organisation(s) only. They can view snapshots, charts and tasks for that organisation only.

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