Here at XBert we want you to succeed and to help you stay a step ahead in business.

We want to make sure you have all the collaboration tools you need to so your time is spent on growing your business and adding value to your clients, and not on performing wasteful little tasks and using inefficient communication methods.

In XBert you have tasks, calendars, notifications, and email and Xero note integrations to improve productivity and streamline workflow. There's also TEAM CHAT.

Use TEAM CHAT when you and your XBert team members are online for quick conversations and requests. Any messages and the chat history will be displayed here.

Using @name to mention team members in chat ensures they will also receive 'mentioned you' notifications. You’ll see your red notification count on the navigation menu near ACTIVITY.

Remember, you can also comment and use @name mentions within tasks and XBerts.

TEAM CHAT history will remain displayed for auditing and reference.

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