XBert is here to help you stay a step ahead, and help your business succeed - and that includes collaboration.

Our goal is also to ensure you have the time you need to focus on your business and manage your practice efficiently.

XBert has tasks, calendars, team chat, plus email and Xero note integrations to streamline team workflow and improve productivity. You'll also see notifications.

Our integrated notification system alerts you as soon as there is any activity for you. This activity includes being assigned an XBert or task, or when you are mentioned by @name in a comment on an XBert, task, or within TEAM CHAT.

You’ll see your red notification count on the navigation menu near the ACTIVITY tab, and that indicates any new activity.

The activity will be displayed under MY ACTIVITY. Select VIEW to see more details.

Each notification will remain part of your red notification count and highlighted blue in the feed until you’ve selected VIEW. That way, you can easily keep track of what’s new, what you’re yet to review, or what to work on next.

Use the ALL ACTIVITY tab to monitor activity for the entire team. The activity history will remain displayed for auditing and reference.

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