If you've invited clients such as the business owner, manager or finance team to an organisation's XBert account and not your CONNECT account, by default, they will only see the XBerts and tasks assigned to them or the tasks they created.

Those you've invited to your CONNECT account, i.e. your internal team, see all XBerts and tasks for all linked organisations.

For non-CONNECT users, this ensures everything is kept clear and uncluttered. They see only the relevant XBerts or items requiring action by them. They won't see XBerts you want to manage and resolve internally, e.g. potential duplicate contacts and account coding discrepancies.

You can still collaborate with business owners, managers and their staff by assigning them an XBert. It will appear on their XBERTS & TASKS board and you can work together to resolve the risk. If you have chosen to hide items from a client, they may not have the Processes column on their XBERTS & TASKS dashboard either.

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