Past Webinars

Webinar: Clean up your XBert

  • Clean up past XBerts and Tasks in minutes

  • Set your Processes to work in a more organised way

  • Make bulk changes to list items (assigning, completing and rescheduling).

  • Set your daily view so you can get straight to work every day

Webinar: Workflow in XBert

We'll show you how to easily set up one off or repeating tasks. This is a must watch if you don't have this function working for you yet. It will 100% change your work life forever (in the best way!).

  • No more spreadsheets or checklists in your head

  • Have a clear process for your team to follow

  • Get your daily tasks done quicker with automatic task reminders with sub tasks and checklists

  • Clearly see where the team is up to with their work at any time.

Webinar: Daily Work in XBert

Watch Now

This webinar is for all levels of users who use XBert regularly. We'll help you become a XBert bookkeeper (get it? 😉) with pro tips and tricks to help get your work done even faster. Promise it'll be more fun, too!

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