3 easy steps to set up your workflow in XBert

Now that you've synced and audited some of your accounting files and invited team members, you are ready to take advantage of the powerful workflow tool with processes, roles, and templates.

1. Processes

All XBerts and workflow tasks are set against a process.

These are easy to customise and when set up they allow you and your team full visibility across your process workflow at any given time.

Video: Map Process Automation to your XBerts | How To: Create Custom Processes

2. Roles

In the Organisations Board, you are able to set a role for each organisation.

You can set Partner, Manager, and Acct Bookkeeper.

Assigned roles can be used for assigning and re-assigning XBerts, Tasks, Template Schedules, and from within the Work Board for filtering.

User Roles | Team members must have accepted an invitation to join XBert.

Video: Inviting your team into XBert | How To: Invite or add users to your XBert team

3. Templates

For all your repeating tasks we have templates. Our simple, repeating Templates will help you automate your Processes and Tasks making it so simple to create a streamlined workflow for End of Month, Reconciliation and BAS.

Video: Templates | How To: Template Tasks | Editing a schedule

Note: you can add non-connected files to your workflow

Tips: if you want help to Efficiently Manage Workflow you can book Success Session with your Customer Success team member.

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