3 easy steps to collaborate with your clients on reports, records, and requests.

Now that you have data integrity across your accounting files and standardised workflow systems in place it is time to take advantage of the Client Console as a place to report, request and record client communications in a central location.

1 Invite Clients

You can invite a client into their individual portal on the secure cloud based app. You can decide what information they can see. Report on performance, record communication and automate the request of documentation.

2. Share Data

You Can...

  • Review snapshots with the client

  • Look at the XBert Review report together

  • Assign XBerts for the client to resolve

  • Record communication with

3. Request Documentation

You can automate tasks for clients now with the combination of Template Tasks and the Client Console now allows you to automate tasks for your clients and they will be notified automatically by email when there is a task assigned to them.

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