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Fast-Track Sessions - Other Regions
Fast-Track Sessions - Other Regions
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Get started quickly with the XBert Fast-Track Quality Sessions Program

Work with our dedicated team to understand and configure XBert to your needs while building a professional relationship with the people who will continue to help and support you to improve data quality and workflow automation across your business.

This program is suitable for Firms and Individuals who want a customised XBert configuration done right the first time, up and running in the shortest possible time – and who are willing to commit some of their own time (about 5 hours) to attend sessions and training to help make it happen.

The Fast-Track Program is currently discounted by 50% for a short time. The discount is only available for purchase during your 14-day free trial period. If you have started your trial, click here to purchase, or go to the Clients / Plans and Pricing page. Hurry this discount is for a limited time, as our allocated discounted spots fill fast.

If your trial has finished but you like the sound of the program, get in touch and book a 15 min session to understand pricing and details outlined below to see how else we might be able to help.

What you can expect

Your goals, understood

The first step in our Fast-Track Program is to understand your goals for integrating XBert into your technology/application stack.

You might want to grow your business through new clients or service those you have more effectively and easily. Reducing complexity and saving time might be important – perhaps enabling a greater focus on delivering advisory and other high-end services to your clients.

Your goals might be different, of course, and once we understand them, they are an important reference point to look back on as the program progresses, and we make decisions on how best to configure XBert.

Your commitment

About 5 hours across 4 sessions with the XBert team. You will probably need to spend some more time of your own as well, to explore XBert in between sessions, put into practice what you’ve learnt so far and prepare for the next session.

If you have a team of people, you will need to spend time organising them, ensuring they are aware of the XBert initiative, facilitating their attendance at sessions, and ensuring they in turn commit to XBert in a relevant capacity.

The sessions

There will be 4 sessions with an XBert Customer Success team member and maybe other XBert team members as well, depending on what is being covered in a session. Your firm might have several people who should be part of the Fast-Track Program, and they are, of course, welcome to attend the sessions that suit them.

  1. Configure XBert

  2. Implement workflow

  3. Training

  4. Post-go-live follow-up

Together, these sessions cover all aspects of the XBert application both in terms of using it day to day and the management of the application.

Preparing for the sessions

Before the first session, you need to have done the following:

  1. Signed up and paid for the Fast-Track Program. Remember, you can only do this when you are in your 14-day free trial.

  2. Successfully started your trial of XBert. A good indication of this is that you can successfully log into XBert, and you have done so multiple times, with 2FA enabled (see below).

    1. XBert treats security seriously, and on your second login, you will be prompted to set up two-factor authentication (2FA).

      1. You don’t have to log out to get this to happen – just close the browser tab (or browser) where XBert is running and then in a new tab, go to the login screen and log in. The 2FA prompt should then occur.

      2. Set up 2FA using the authentication application of your choice. Some common 2FA apps include Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator and Authy by Twilio.

  3. If you are part of a wider team at your firm that will use XBert, invite team members who will use XBert in an administrative capacity into XBert as Connect Users. (Select CONNECT Users from the menu to do this).

  4. Added 10+ client files. This means integrating the accounting system (Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks) files of at least 10 clients with XBert, and that you can see them, on the XBert Clients screen, with the icon of their accounting system along with a big tick.

    1. If the client has payroll, you should also see a big tick in the Payroll column.

    2. (All other columns in the XBert Clients screen will be reviewed and configured with you at the first session – no need to do anything more in this screen at this time).

    3. Note: We need files integrated so that we can run the sessions on your own clients' data, which will make them more relevant and XBert concepts easier to understand.

Chat with us for more information (click the speech bubble on the right)

*Please note that Discounted Fast-Track and the 50% discount will not be applied when fewer than 10 accounting files are connected. If you would still like this service, talk to our team to discuss pricing.

Chat with us about fast-track, or book a Discover Fast-Track meeting here.

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