If you are wondering how our ABN XBerts check the ABN information then read on below. Our following alerts will check the ABN as well as the Australian Business Register (ABR) for details...

  • Incorrect ABN for business

  • Bill raised with the supplier not registered for GST

  • The business has incorrect GST status

  • GST registration required

  • Payment to a supplier not registered for GST

There are 3 levels of checks that XBert will do for the above alerts...

  1. Use ABN off the contact record in the accounting system

  2. If no ABN is against the contact it will scan for an ABN within the attached documents

  3. If it cannot find a document that has an ABN it will use the name to match against records in the ABR.

    Note: If your business name is missing parts or characters of their name (such as Pty Ltd, spaces, characters) it can increase the chance of the search matching to a different entity name, business name, or trading name.

If there is an ABN against the contact record in the accounting system then XBert is able to also carry out the following checks

  • Large GST activity for contact without an ABN

  • ABN on bill attachment different to supplier

  • Multiple ABNs on attachments for supplier bill

  • The supplier has bills with different ABNs on attachments

  • Non-GST account has GST against it

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