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Bookkeeping Standard Processes with XBert Workflow Templates - ZA
Bookkeeping Standard Processes with XBert Workflow Templates - ZA
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The South African XBert task template set is comprised of 49 templates organised across 19 processes.

XBert has task templates covering many of the most common services that a bookkeeping practice provides to their clients on a recurring basis. Below is a summary of these services and the XBert task templates that are used to automate the provision of such services.

On-Boarding of New Clients

  • Allocate and Schedule On-Boarding Tasks and Administration Process

  • Client Take-On and Information Gathering

  • Project Planning and Scheduling

  • Professional Courtesy Letter


  • Customer invoicing

  • Send customer statements

  • Collection of outstanding invoices

  • Customer credit note

  • Processing of supplier invoices & credit card transactions

  • Supplier statement reconciliation

  • Supplier payment run

  • Bank Reconciliation

  • Petty Cash reconciliation

  • Inter-company reconciliation

  • Expense claim approval


  • Finalise Monthly Processing

  • Process journal entries

  • Analytical Review

VAT Compliance

  • Review Vat Report

  • Perform Vat Reconciliation

  • File/Submit Vat Return

  • Pay Vat Liability


  • Obtain Payroll Instruction/Input Sheet

  • Prepare and Run the Monthly Payroll

  • Pay Net Salaries

  • File EMP Return

  • File UIF Declaration

  • File EMP501 Reconciliation

Financial Reporting

  • Prepare the Management Accounts

  • Management Meeting

Fixed Assets

  • Fixed assets additions

  • Fixed assets disposals

  • Run depreciation

  • Fixed asset reconciliation

Annual Financial Statements

  • Prepare working paper file

  • Draft annual financial statements

  • Annual financial statements client meeting


  • File Income Tax Returns

  • File provisional tax return

  • Annual return

  • PI Score Calculation

  • File Workmen's compensation

Admin and internal work

  • XERO Setup

  • Internal Monthly client review

  • Print and digitally store or file client records

  • Daily Standup meeting

  • HR Meeting

  • Define and Document Job Descriptions

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