If your MYOB files are locked by the administrator password there are a few options

Option 1 (Get the password from the client)

Get the password from the File Owner (or whoever set up the file)

Option 2 (Self-managed)

If you have an Administrator Role MYOB support mentioned this as an option to clear the Administrator Password… (This is the screen that I see in my Application, it might be different for others but lets try)

Click Setup.. and select User Access

If you are an Administrator already you can simply clear the Administrator password

There will be another checkbox here being User will be logging in via email address

uncheck this and it should allow you to clear the password as per the step above… once cleared and saved, then recheck the checkbox user will be logging in via email address

Option 3 (MYOB support can remove)

For a cost… they will charge $31 to remove the password for you

Call 1300 555 123 to contact MYOB Support.

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