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Disconnecting Client FilesFor deleting your Client files or making them Workflow-only Clients.

Client Console

Assign tasks and collaborate effortlessly with your clients

How To: Assign RolesFor easy assignment and management of your tasks and workflow
Client Communication via the Client ConsoleFor communicating with your client via XBert
How To: Use Client View to See Work Allocated Across ClientsFor seeing the work by client
How To: Manage Client User XBert and Task VisibilityFor selecting what you want the client to have visibility of when using XBert.
Setting Up the Client Contact RoleFor recurring tasks to be easily set to your clients.
How To: Assign a Recurring Task to a ClientFor setting recurring tasks that are assigned to the client user.
Assigning an Email Task to a ClientFor your clients to complete tasks within XBert.
Inviting Your Clients to Your XBert Client ConsoleHow to invite your clients, user permissions and settings
Client ReportsFor quick visibility to the overall health and status of the clients file.
How To: Access a Client ConsoleFor accessing an individual client's key database information
Overview: The Client ConsoleFor each client there is an individual client console
Overview: Client GroupsFor organising and sorting clients by your own custom Client Group.
MYOB Client Files LockedSome MYOB Files may be locked when uploaded
Client RolesWhere is everyone?
How To: Rename a Workflow-only Client
Monitoring User Login ActivityTo monitor your team's and clients' activity on XBert.
Client Console - Client's PerspectiveHelping clients understand the client console and its capabilities.