Reporting on financial, data quality, transaction activity and other metrics across all your clients.

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Overview: Analytics

Analytics is one of the main menu selections, available to select from the top of each screen in XBert.

Also known as reporting, Analytics comprises two sets of reports - Practice analytics and Client analytics. There are two icons in the left margin of the Analytics screen that allow switching between the two sets of reports. There is some commonality to the reports available in each set, with the main difference being that for Client analytics, one (and only one) client must be selected to open a report, whereas most Practice analytics allow selecting one, many or all clients from within each report.

Practice Reports

Client Reports

Analytics: Included Reports

There are ~20 reports currently available and more are added regularly. If you want a report that XBert doesn't currently provide, please get in touch with us. We may have it on the development roadmap already and your input will speed up its deployment. Or if the report is a brand new idea that we haven't thought about, that's good too...we're always looking for great new ideas to build into XBert.

The best way to know which reports are available and what they offer is to go into the Analytics screen, see what's there and run the reports that most interest you. If you are an accounting or bookkeeping practice, usually you would start with the Practice reports. The Client reports are generally used when you want to share a report with an individual client, which can be done by opening the report and sharing (copy/paste) the URL of the report with your client.

Note: The URL has an embedded security token - it cannot be guessed, found or stumbled upon by anyone outside of your XBert Connect portal, however, anyone you share the URL with will be able to access the report. (This is a similar scenario to sharing a PDF of a report via email with a client).

As a practice, the reports we suggest you check out first are:

  1. Data Quality

  2. Financial Overview

  3. Activity Count

Together, the above reports provide a comprehensive understanding of the financial health, size, complexity and what the books are like (including what you or your clients might have to fix to ensure things are up to date and in a good state).

*If you have the "Hide XBerts/Tasks " settings turned on for a client in their Client Console, it will hide certain reports from the clients in the Client Console.*

It affects these client reports:

  • Data Quality

  • Health Check

  • Estimate Accuracy

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