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Client Console - Client's Perspective
Client Console - Client's Perspective

Helping clients understand the client console and its capabilities.

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Client Sign-Up Process

  1. Once you've been invited into the client console, you'll receive an email of your invite.

  2. Click on JOIN THE TEAM ON XBERT, this will redirect you to the accept invite sign-up page.

  3. Sign in to your XBert account.

  4. Select your role in the business and you'll be taken to the Client Console.

Differences in the Client Console for Clients with Admin and Non-Admin Permissions

Clients with admin permissions have access to snapshots and reporting.

Snapshots show you summarised views of important information for clients to know such as total balance in bank accounts, incoming cash, unreconciled amount etc. Clicking on these tiles will give you a more detailed look at the information provided.

These insights are important because they provide a quick and easy way for clients to get a clear understanding of their financial situation.

Reporting shows analytics reports such as financial overview, data quality, client queries etc.

Clients find these reports important because they provide valuable insights and information about their business performance, which can help them make informed decisions and identify areas for improvement.

Working in the Client Console

Clients, regardless of access permissions, can work from the Client Console on XBerts and Tasks. This is important for clients as it helps them play a more important and hands-on role in the business.

CONNECT Users can manage XBert and task visibility, this way they can choose to hide or show XBerts and Tasks that aren't assigned to the client. Client users don't have access to this setting, a client user will have to contact their team to have it changed.

Client user with access to XBerts and Tasks assigned to team members:

Client user without access to XBerts and Tasks assigned to team members:

Clients can resolve XBerts and work on tasks as their team members do in the CONNECT Portal.

Click on an XBert summary to open the Details Tile on the right-hand side of your screen.

This will provide you with more information on the XBert or Task and what needs to be done.

Additionally, clients can also view the Work list in grid view. This provides them with summarised details tiles of the XBert or Task. For full information on the XBert/Task, click on "Details" and it will open a Details tile on the right-hand of the screen.

These summarised tiles also include the action bar across the bottom allowing the client to:

  1. Change the process of the task

  2. Assign the task to a different user

  3. Change the due date of the task

  4. Check the comments and history of the task

  5. Change the status of the task

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