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How To: Manage Client User XBert and Task Visibility
How To: Manage Client User XBert and Task Visibility

For selecting what you want the client to have visibility of when using XBert.

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Each Client has an individual Client Console that lists their XBert, Tasks, and individual Reports.

Some settings can set what visibility client users have when they log in to XBert.

*If you have the "Hide XBerts/Tasks" settings turned on for a client in their Client Console, it will hide certain reports from the clients in the Client Console.*

It affects these client reports:

  • Data Quality

  • Health Check

  • Estimate Accuracy

On the Clients board, go to the Client Settings page. This is the third page option on the left side of your screen

From the Client User XBert/Task Visibility columns, click Hide to hide XBerts and Tasks from Client Users.

(If "Hide" is on, then it hides them unless it was created by a client user or is currently assigned to any client user.)
Click Show to show XBerts and Tasks to Client Users.

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