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Connect multiple clients at once

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When adding non-Xero, MYOB or QuickBooks clients into your connect portal, there is an option that allows you to create several "other" clients as a single bulk operation.

Note: you can only do this for 'Other' files (Files that you don't want to connect to their accounting files)

This operation consists of downloading a client import template .csv spreadsheet. Then you can simply fill this spreadsheet out with all the clients you wish to add, upload the spreadsheet, and then all clients will be created.

  1. Select 'Add Client' via the menu located on the top right of your XBert portal or the Clients Board.

  2. Select 'Other' and 'Bulk Import Clients'.

  3. Download the Clients Template then fill out the fields in the Clients Template.

  4. After filling out the fields, upload the Clients Template

  5. Select the 'Import Clients' button!

Clients will now appear on your Clients board within XBert and you can assign staff and allocate Templates and Schedules!

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