Syncing a Non-Connected Client

For upgrading a non-connected workflow only client to a workflow and audit client.

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You can easily upgrade any of your non-connected clients in XBert, at any time.

โ€‹Non-connected files can be used in XBert Workflow only.
You can connect any non-connected file, this will then sync with the accounting file and give you the AI audit checks on that file.

NOTE: The name of the client will be overwritten with the name of the accounting file.

  1. Go to the Clients board

  2. On the Client Connections page (the fourth page option located on the left-hand side of your screen), select the Connect File button next to the client you want to connect.

  3. Select the accounting program and Grant Access.

  4. Select the client within the accounting software to start the sync.
    While the file is syncing you will not be able to access the client or edit any of their workflow items.

  5. Once the sync is complete you can access both Workflow and Audit for the client.

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