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Leveraging Task-Month Labels and Quarter Conventions for Automatic Mapping to XPM Tasks
Leveraging Task-Month Labels and Quarter Conventions for Automatic Mapping to XPM Tasks

Using XPM date labels and auto mapping with XBert

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To streamline our work processes, we support auto-mapping to XPM tasks based on a naming convention: **Task - Month Label**. This feature significantly reduces the need for manual task configuration to XPM. The same convenience applies to a quarter-based labeling convention using either an end of Quarter or start of Quarter Month label.

Let's explore these further.

Auto-mapping to XPM tasks using Task - Month Label

This new feature allows for a seamless transition of your tasks to XPM, with the simple use of a naming convention: **Task - Month Label**, like "BAS - Jan" or "BAS - Feb." Here's how it works:

1. When creating a task, use the naming format **Task - Month Label**. This label corresponds to the specific month that task is scheduled to be executed. For instance, "Bookkeeping- Mar" or "Bookkeeping- March" will auto map to a task with a start date in March.

2. Once you've labeled your tasks accordingly, the system will automatically map the task to the corresponding XPM job that matches on the start date. The system is smart enough to understand the short form of months (Jan, Feb, Mar, etc.)

3. As XBert notifications arise, they will automatically correspond to the appropriate XPM job task without any additional manual configuration.

Auto-mapping to XPM tasks using Quarter Convention

Our system also supports a quarter-based naming convention, accommodating either the start or end month of the quarter.

1. When setting up your tasks, label them in the format **Task - Quarter Month**. For example, "BAS - Quarter Jan" or "BAS - Quarter Jun".

2. If your quarter starts in January, "Bookkeeping- Quarter Jan" will be mapped for all tasks with the start date in the matching quarter, we also support "Bookkeeping- Quarter Mar"

Note - You must use one convention for the application to allow what label convention to follow. If we cannot determine the convention, you will need to manually configure the XPM link mapping for these tasks.

3. Once again, XBert notifications are automatically mapped to the appropriate XPM job task with matching start dates, negating the need for manual mapping.


By using these conventions, you enjoy several advantages:

- Efficiency: The auto-mapping feature drastically reduces the time spent on manual configuration, thereby enhancing your productivity.

- Accuracy: The system accurately maps tasks to their respective XPM job tasks based on start dates.

- Simplicity: The process is as simple as correctly labeling your tasks. There's no need for extensive setup or learning complicated systems.

We are confident that these conventions will ease your task mapping and ensure a more seamless work experience. As always, we're committed to providing the best tools to make your business operations smooth and efficient. Please feel free to reach out to our support team if you have any questions or need further assistance.

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