How To: Add Workflow-only Clients

So that they can be included in your workflow.

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You can add clients or organisations on other software to your account so that they are included within your streamlined process workflows set up in XBert.

At the moment XBert integrates with Xero, MYOB and QuickBooks.

You won't receive XBert alerts for these organisations, but you can allocate Template Tasks to these clients, create and assign tasks and track workflow.

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Adding Non-Xero, MYOB and QuickBooks to XBert

1. If you're creating your XBert CONNECT account, you'll be prompted to load clients during set-up.

If you're an existing customer and want to add more clients, select Add Client from the right-hand side of your screen on the Clients board OR from the panel menu on the far right of your portal.

2. Select Other from the options listed.

3. Then, enter the client or organisation name, country and timezone.

When finished, the client organisations will appear on your Work board, Team View, XBerts & Tasks, and Clients dashboards. However, as there is no data synced, there will be no XBert alerts for these non-Xero, MYOB or QuickBooks organisations.

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