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Overview: Clients Board
Overview: Clients Board

Empowering you to make informed decisions and enhance the efficiency and profitability of your firm.

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We have split the roles and connections tab into their pages and have introduced a new dedicated 'Insights' section to provide you metrics to help make important decisions with client data, fees and work scheduled in your firm to enhance workflow setup and team efficiency.

Here's a breakdown of the features:

1. Client Insights page (Clients board Default):

The Insights section is a powerful addition to the Clients Board, providing you with quick snapshots to understand your firm's setup, efficiency, and client activity. Let's explore the key features, in order of appearance, within the Insights section:

Data Quality

You will find a data quality health score, which provides an overview of the quality of your client's data. This score links to the client Health Check report or client Data Quality reports, allowing you to address any issues and improve data accuracy – and share with your new clients to prove you are a wizard, and justify your clean-up fees.

XBert Risk Alerts

Moved out of roles and connections, we now display the number of XBert risk alerts and the associated potential financial risk. This helps you prioritise clients and address potential risks promptly, ensuring compliance and minimizing client financial losses and team compliance risk. Click to view the XBerts for that client in Work.

Practice XBerts

We have released our new Practice XBerts, which will be displayed within the Insights section. These XBerts will provide additional insights and value to your practice, further enhancing your efficiency and profitability.

Client Data Activity Trend

This feature highlights an increase or decrease in data entered into your clients' files compared to the prior month. This is my favourite, as it was designed as a prompt to consider adjusting your fees more regularly, especially if your clients are experiencing rapid growth that may require additional time and resources. This chart clicks through to a new client-specific Activity report so you can access trends in data entry sources – great to justify fee increases.

Unreconciled Count

You can quickly access the clients' bank accounts dashboard. This will allow you to address any outstanding reconciliations quickly, making sure you have accurate financial records.

Estimate Accuracy Chart (Visible when Actual Time is turned on)

The chart displays twelve weeks of tasks completed with time committed over the estimated time allocated on the task or schedule, helping you assess the reasonableness of your work schedules or the speed at which your team completes tasks. This chart links to a detailed report, providing insights into estimate accuracy.

Billable Ratio Chart (Visible when Actual Time is turned on)

This chart provides twelve weeks of information on time entered that was not marked as billable. Use this chart to decide on additional service fees or ensure accurate time tracking within your team.

User Audit (Most Active Team Member)

You can see each client's most active team member, which links to user activity reports. This allows you to track individual performance and ensure efficient allocation of resources.

Client Report Link

A quick link to the client reports section in XBert, allows you to access detailed reports and insights specific to each client.

2. Roles page:

To streamline role management, we have introduced a separate Roles tab. This allows you to manage and configure efficiently roles for your team members. By centralizing role management, you can assign permissions and control access to sensitive information, ensuring smooth collaboration within your accounts. Stay tuned for upcoming role features!

3. Settings page:

The settings page lets you manage all your client settings in one place to maximise efficiency and simplify the process.

4. Connections page:

We have moved the connection settings to a dedicated Connections tab. This tab simplifies the management and configuration of your accounting software integrations. Now, you can conveniently set up and manage connections, ensuring seamless data synchronization between XBert and your accounting software.

These new features within the Clients Board offer valuable insights, empowering you to make informed decisions and enhance the efficiency and profitability of your firm.

5. Plans page:

Bringing the Plans and Pricing page to the Clients Board, you can now view and manage all your client plans from the Clients Plans page in your Clients board.

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