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Troubleshooting for Common XBert Issues
Troubleshooting for Common XBert Issues

Potential causes and fixes for common issues.

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Common Issues

  • Performance

  • Login

  • Signup

Why does this happen?

Certain third-party applications, such as internet security software or firewalls, may classify XBert as a harmful site. This could be due to overly restrictive settings or outdated databases that lack up-to-date safe website lists. When these applications block access to XBert, it leads to performance degradation since the required resources, services or data cannot be efficiently retrieved and processed.

Additionally, ad blockers and browser extensions might also create the same obstacle. These applications often block advertisements, pop-ups, and other unwanted elements to create a clutter-free browsing environment. However, they can occasionally block necessary content or hinder communication with trusted sites.

How can this issue be resolved?

1. Update Internet Security Software/Firewall rules:

Update your Internet security software and firewall with the most recent databases. In addition, review their settings to ensure that is allowed or whitelisted. You may need to explicitly add to the list of safe or trusted sites, depending on your specific security software. When making these changes, ensure that you only adjust the settings required for, without making your system vulnerable to other threats.

2. Adjust Ad-blockers:

If you are using an ad-blocker, you may need to adjust its settings to stop it from interfering with Most ad-blockers allow you to whitelist specific sites. Adding to this list will ensure that the site's content is accurately presented and properly functioning.

3. Manage Browser Extensions:

Determine if any browser extension is causing the issue by disabling extensions one at a time and checking if the problem persists. If the culprit is found, remove it or alter its settings to ensure it doesn't hinder's performance.

4. Contact Support:

If the issues remain unresolved despite these steps.

Brave Browser

You'll need to tweak the permissions when using Brave as your browser since it has its own built-in ad blocker. This will ensure XBert runs smoothly on this browser.

The reason is that our support system (Intercom), Error Tracing (Sentry) and Event Capturing (Segment) are being detected as ad tracking when they are not. These systems are key to being able to provide the best support experience.

After you log into XBert, click the Lion icon beside your URL box.

Once the pop-up opens, click on Advanced controls, then Block trackers & ads. Then, select Allow all trackers & ads.

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