Health Check Report
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This report provides you with all the essential data to evaluate your team's performance for a client file.

This report contains 4 pages,

  1. Health Check Summary

  2. Data Quality Score

  3. Activity (Transaction Count)

  4. Bank Statement Lines Count

The first page presents a concise overview of all four pages. Here you can see:

  • Base Currency

  • Accounting Method

  • Data Quality Score

  • HIGH and LOW Data Quality Risk Value

  • Unreconciled Bank Statement Count and Value

  • Bank Statement Lines

  • Transactions

  • Active Bank Accounts

  • Active Accounts

  • Proof of Spend

  • Data Quality Risk Value

  • Accounts Payable

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Cash IN & Cash OUT

  • Active Payroll Employees

  • Payrun Count

  • Net Profit

  • Revenue

  • Expenses

  • Other Income

Proof of Spend

Proof of spend is about the percentage split of bills and (spend money) bank transactions, with or without attachments - where attachments are typically the proof of what was spent, such as a PDF of a bill or image of a receipt. This is further split on their total amount, being either 75 or less, or more than 75 in value.

Note that this section does not show the number of bills or bank transactions. There are 4 possible splits (percentages) for bills and 4 for bank transactions.

In the above example, 3 of 4 possible splits are shown for bills. (In this example, there are no bills with a bill total of 75 or less, that have a least one attachment).

The second page, Data Quality Score, shows you the data quality score for the client file as well as the types of data checks that have been performed for the client file.

Your data quality score is calculated based on the number and severity of unresolved data quality issues in your financial data as a proportion of core transactional activity - sales, purchases and banking.

The third page, Activity (Transaction Count), shows you the transaction count for a client file as well as the type of transaction. This page also includes a transaction count breakdown and payrun count.

Your transaction count is the count of core transactional activity - sales, purchases and banking - in your accounting system (your financial data). This is further broken down

with counts for other key transactional areas.

There are 3 types of transactional activity:

  • Sales - Quotes, Invoices, Invoice Payments

  • Purchase - Purchase orders, bills, bill payments

  • Banking - Receive Money TXNs, Spend Money TXNs

The fourth page, Bank Statement Lines Count, shows you the count of bank statement lines, bank statement reconciliation count, total cash movement, balance of bank accounts and Cash IN & Cash OUT flow.

Your bank statement lines count is the total for all bank accounts that are integrated and synced with your accounting system. In some cases, bank accounts with imported statement lines are also included.

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