Balance Sheet

For monitoring accounts whether Equities, Assets or Liabilities.

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The Balance Sheet is a financial statement that provides a snapshot of the financial condition at a specific time.

The AI will only look back at 12 months' worth of data.โ€‹

Key Properties:

  1. Account Classification: Categorises the account into specific types such as Equity, Assets, or Liabilities.

  2. Account Type: Defines the type of account, for instance, EQUITY, ASSET, or LIABILITY.

  3. Account Code: A unique identifier is assigned to each account for easy identification.

  4. Account Watchlist Status: Indicates if the account is on a watchlist, helping to monitor specific accounts closely.

  5. Account Name: The official name of the account as per the financial records.

  6. Gross Amount: The total amount associated with the account.

  7. Report Date: The date from which the financial data is valid, serving as a timestamp for the report.

Example Alerts

Alert me when GST Tax Liabilities is not 0.
Alert me when VAT Tax Liabilities is not 0.
Alert me when the total value of my assets drops below 1 million.
Alert me when I have unpaid expense claims.
Alert me when the account named suspense is > 0 after the 30th of June.
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