Proactively monitoring invoices plays a pivotal role in the financial operations of your business.

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The Invoice simplifies the tracking and handling of invoices. It consolidates invoice identifiers, financial totals, customer details, and payment statuses.

The AI will only look back at 12 months' worth of data.

โ€‹Key Properties:

  1. Invoice Date: The date the invoice was issued. e.g., "01/04/2023"

  2. Status Name: The current status of the invoice (e.g., "Authorised", "Paid").

  3. SubTotal: Pre-tax total of the invoice. e.g., "$3000.00"

  4. Total Tax: The total tax amount charged. e.g., "$450.00"

  5. Invoice Amount: Grand total of the invoice (includes SubTotal, Freight, and Tax). e.g., "$3600.00"

  6. Amount Due: Outstanding amount to be paid. e.g., "$3600.00"

  7. Amount Paid: Amount already paid towards the invoice. e.g., "$10.00"

  8. Amount Credited: Any amount credited to the customer. e.g., "$200.00"

  9. Creation Date: When the invoice record was created in the system. e.g., "31/03/2023"

  10. Customer: Name of the customer to whom the invoice is addressed. e.g., "XYZ Corporation"

Example Alerts

Alert me where the currency is different to the attachment currency.
Alert me to any invoice that is not AUD and has GST > 0 on the invoice.
Let me know when the total on the invoice is not the same as the total on the attachment.
Identify invoices with a status of 'Authorised' and a due date exceeding 30 days past the invoice date.
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