Employee Pay

To capture any current employee's payroll data, including earnings, taxes, and other financial details.

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The Employee Pay captures detailed information about an employee's payroll data, including earnings, taxes, and other financial elements. This data is vital for payroll processing, financial reporting, and compliance with regulations.

The AI will only look back at 12 months' worth of data.

Key Properties:

  1. Payrun Date: The date of the pay run.

  2. Employee Status: The employee's current status, such as Active or Terminated.

  3. Date of Birth: The date of birth of the employee.

  4. Employee Start Date: The date when the employee started their employment.

  5. Employment Basis: The basis of employment, such as Full-time, Part-time, or Contract.

  6. Earnings Type: The type of earnings, such as Salary, Hourly, or Daily.

  7. Leave Name: The name of the leave type, such as Annual Leave or Sick Leave.

  8. Leave Annual Units: The annual entitlement of leave units.

  9. Leave Balance: The current balance of leave units.

  10. Payout Type: The type of payout for the leave.

  11. Calendar Type: The type of calendar used, such as Fortnightly.

  12. Wage Units: The number of wage units.

  13. Contribution Type: The type of contribution, such as Superannuation.

  14. Calculation Type: The type of calculation used, such as Statutory.

  15. Wages: The total wages for the pay run.

  16. Tax: The total tax deducted for the pay run.

  17. Super: The total superannuation for the pay run.

  18. Reimbursements: The total reimbursements for the pay run.

  19. Total: The total amount for the pay run.

  20. Employee First Name: The first name of the employee.

  21. Employee Last Name: The last name of the employee.

  22. Employee Termination Date: The date of termination, if applicable.

  23. List of Payruns: A list of pay runs associated with the employee.

Example Alerts

Let me know when total of wages for the last 12 months has exceeded 1.2 million.
Tell me which months casual wages exceeded permanent wages.
Alert me when a new pay run is recorded for Jane Smith.
Alert me when Bob Johnson total wages for a pay run exceed $4,000.
Alert me when John Doe employment status changes to Terminated.
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