To give you alerts about a current employee's status, leave applications, leave balances, etc.

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The Employee represents an individual working within an organisation, capturing essential personal, employment, and financial information. This data is crucial for HR management, payroll processing, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

The AI will only look back at 12 months' worth of data.​

Key Properties:

  1. First Name: The given name of the employee.

  2. Last Name: The surname of the employee.

  3. Full Name: The employee's complete name, combining the first and last names.

  4. Employee Start Date: The date when the employee started their employment.

  5. Termination Date: The date when the employee's employment ended, if applicable.

  6. Employee Status: The employee's current status, such as Active or Terminated.

  7. Leave Details: A list of detailed information about the employee's leave balances and entitlements.

  8. Leave Applications: A list of leave applications submitted by the employee, including their status and details.

  9. Tax Information: Information regarding the employee's tax status and obligations.

  10. Bank Accounts: A list of the employee's bank accounts used for payroll and other transactions.

  11. Super Funds: A list of the employee's superannuation funds.

Example Alerts

Let me know if an employee is requesting leave which will result in a negative leave balance.
Let me know of any employee who has a negative leave balance.
Let me know a week before the work anniversary of an Employee.
Alert me of employees who have recently been terminated.
Alert me of full-time employees with Australian residency who have not claimed the tax-free threshold.
Alert me if employees do not have a tax number on file.
Alert me when John Doe employment status changes to Terminated.
Alert me when Bob Johnson leave balance for Sick Leave falls below 5 days.
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