Set up alerts for various bill-related activities.

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The Bill represents a bill or invoice from a supplier, including detailed information about the transaction, such as dates, amounts, and status. It also includes line items that make up the bill.

โ€‹The AI will only look back at 12 months' worth of data.

Key Properties:

  1. Bill Date: The date when the bill was issued.

  2. Status Name: The current status of the bill (e.g., Authorised, Paid, Voided, Draft).

  3. Code: A code associated with the bill.

  4. Supplier Invoice Number: The invoice number provided by the supplier.

  5. Supplier Name: The name of the supplier.

  6. SubTotal: The subtotal amount before tax and other charges.

  7. Freight: The freight or shipping cost.

  8. Total Tax: The total tax amount for the bill.

  9. Total Amount: The total amount of the bill including tax.

  10. Currency Code: The currency code (e.g., AUD).

  11. Amount Due: The amount due to be paid.

  12. Amount Paid: The amount already paid.

  13. Amount Credited: The amount credited to the bill.

  14. Creation Date: The date when the bill was created.

  15. Has Attachments: Indicates if the bill has attachments.

  16. Lines: A list of bill line items detailing individual charges.

Example Alerts

Alert me where the currency is different to the attachment currency.
Alert me to any bill that is not AUD and has GST > 0 on the invoice.
Let me know when the total on the bill is not the same as the total on the attachment.
Alert me when a new bill is authorised for Supplier Steve B Ears.
Alert me when the total amount for a bill exceeds $10,000.
Alert me when a bill is marked as paid and over $100,000.
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