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The Quote represents a quote document, which estimates costs for goods or services. It includes key information such as dates, status, financial details, and item descriptions.

The AI will only look back at 12 months' worth of data.


Key Properties

  1. Business Name: The name of the business providing the quote.

  2. Quote Date: The date when the quote was issued.

  3. Expiry Date: The date when the quote expires.

  4. Status: The current status of the quote (e.g., Accepted, Deleted, Invoiced, Draft).

  5. Reference Code: A reference code for the quote.

  6. Terms: The terms and conditions associated with the quote.

  7. SubTotal: The subtotal amount before tax.

  8. Total Tax: The total tax amount for the quote.

  9. Total Amount: The total amount including tax.

  10. Discount Amount: Any discount applied to the quote.

  11. Currency Code: The currency code (e.g., AUD).

  12. Creation Date: The date when the quote was created.

  13. Title: The title of the quote.

  14. Summary: A summary of the quote.

  15. Lines: A list of quote lines detailing individual items or services being quoted.

Example Alerts

Alert me when a quote is accepted for Street Tacos Pty Ltd.
Alert me when the total amount for a quote exceeds $10,000.
Alert me when a quote is about to expire within the next week.
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