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Tracking Categories Summary
Tracking Categories Summary
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The Tracking Category Summary represents tracking categories used to categorise and track items or transactions within a system. These categories can help in detailed data reporting and analysis based on different criteria.

Use the Tracking Categories Summary to find relationships between tracking categories or when one category should match another.

Each Invoice, Bill, Quote, Purchase, and Bank Account Transaction contains an individual line.

Tracking Categories will only look for tracking Categories within the last three months. Use the other areas to check for transactions containing the tracking category.

Key Properties:

  1. Entity Type: The type of entity being tracked (e.g., invoicelineitem, billlineitem, budget).

  2. Creation Date: The date when the tracking category was created.

  3. Tracking Option One: The first option for tracking (e.g., a specific location or department).

  4. Tracking Option Two: The second option for tracking (e.g., another specific criterion such as postcode).

  5. Item Description: A description of the item being tracked.

  6. Quantity: The quantity of the item.

  7. Item Unit Amount: The unit amount of the item.

  8. Item Total Amount: The total amount for the item.

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