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You can easily set up the Processes menu to reflect your internal processes, this makes it easier for your team to work through a specific process at a time. e.g. Payroll.

Processes is the main menu navigation within XBert, and these are folders or labels that you use to group all your XBerts and Tasks.

e.g. Payroll XBerts and Payroll Tasks in the same folder.

XBert comes with a standard set of Processes. Taking 10 minutes to update these will have a huge impact on your team's productivity.

  1. To customise your Processes, go to the panel menu (hamburger icon) on the top right of the CONNECT Portal.

  2. Select Settings

  3. Select Processes from the menu on the left.

  4. You will see the standard list of Processes that comes with XBert. You can rename any processes to match your requirements.

    TIP - Renaming will ensure all XBerts do not need to be remapped, so it is better to rename than delete and add.

  5. Add new processes by typing the name in the field under the title Processes and clicking the + plus button.

  6. To reorder the Processes, click on a Process and Drag to a new position.

  7. When you have completed the order of your Processes, make sure you align the XBerts to your new Processes. Anything not aligned to a Process will fall under No Process.

    From the menu on the main navigation select Automation, then select the XBert icon to access the XBert Automation. Each XBert is listed here and you can click on an XBert to configure the process.

    Select the process you would like the XBert to now appear under.

  8. You can now check out your new Processes menu on the left side of your Work board.

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