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Overview: Work Board

See all the Alerts and Task Activities, for all Team Members, Processes and Clients in the one place.

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The Work board is where you and your team will spend most of the working day in XBert.

You can see all the Alerts and Tasks, for all Team Members, Processes and Clients.

Navigate to the Work board at any time by selecting it from the main menu item across the top.

Start segmenting your data, the best place to start is with one of the main filters.

1. Date Range

Select a date range to show all activities due to start within that date range. It is set to All by default, you can also select to view by Day, Week, Month, Quarter, Annual, Dynamic or Custom view that you can set yourself for your convenience.

2. Process Column

All your activities will be filed under a Process, set these up to align with your internal processes then you can easily focus on one at a time, e.g. Payroll, Bas or Bookkeeping etc. Learn how to customise your Process list.


3. Client Column

To work through a single client at a time, you can select from the Client Column and see all the activities related to that client. You can use the Client Search bar at the top of the column to search for a client by name.

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