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How To: Map XBerts to Your Processes
How To: Map XBerts to Your Processes

For keeping XBerts and Tasks aligned

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All XBerts and Tasks sit under a Process.

Processes is the main menu navigation within XBert, these are folders or labels that you use to group all your XBerts and Tasks.

e.g. Payroll XBerts and Payroll Tasks in the same folder.

Once you’ve arranged your Processes to match your internal processes it is good to align XBerts to your Processes too.

  1. Map XBerts to your Processes. Go to Automation and then select XBert Automation on the left.

  2. Select/search for the XBert you wish to re-map to a new process.

  3. On the XBert Default Settings for the chosen XBert, select the Process drop-down and choose which process you would like that XBert to be mapped to. Select Save.

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