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How To: Resolve an XBert

For exploring and resolving the issue that have been found.

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The XBert View Record button takes you straight to the specific area in the ledger where you can find more information or correct the alert that has been found. Some XBerts may also include an Auto Resolve button which will allow you to fix the issue directly in XBert.

Once an XBert is resolved, it will not appear on your Work board anymore if the system sees the issue as fixed on the next sync.


  1. Open an XBert tile by selecting the XBert summary in the Work items list. This will activate a Details Tile on the right-hand side of your screen.

  2. Selecting the View Record button will take you to your accounting software to find more details and make any corrections and updates.

  3. If you correct the issue in your accounting system, on the next sync the issue will be updated in XBert and then appear on the Completed board as Resolved.

4. If you do not correct the issue in your accounting software, but you update the XBert status to Complete, the XBert will appear on the Completed board as Unresolved.


When our system finds the issue, it alerts the user and provides a link to the Resolve screen. Here, the user can see all the information about the problem.

On the Resolve Screen, users will find advice on how to fix the flagged issue. This advice is provided in easy steps so that anyone can follow them. Users can also add comments on the XBert.

The Resolve screen can be used to deep-link the information in the ledger to resolve this item manually. It's like having a guide that points directly to where the issue originated, so users can address it efficiently.

To go to the item at hand, click on View Record and it will redirect you to the issue in the accounting software itself.

Once you've resolved the items, click Complete to complete the XBert. The XBert will be marked as resolved the next time our system checks for this alert.

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