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How To: Delete a Schedule
How To: Delete a Schedule

For when you want to stop tasks being created from a template.

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A Schedule is what turns your Templates into recurring Tasks.

You can Remove a Schedule from a Template and this will stop any further occurrences from being created from that template.

  1. Select the Template and the Schedule that you want to delete and select the Bin icon.

  2. You will be taken to a confirmation screen with options for deleting the tasks relating to the schedule

    1. All tasks, including completed - from this schedule, including those on your board now and completed.

    2. All incomplete tasks - will remove tasks currently on your board and in the future (not deleting completed tasks).

    3. All tasks that exist in the future (not deleting current and completed tasks).

    4. None remove only the schedule -will not remove any tasks on the work board or completed board.

      Click Cancel to go back to the schedule, and click Delete to delete the schedule and your selection.

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