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How To: Add a Schedule
How To: Add a Schedule

For the recurring settings of template tasks.

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A Schedule is what turns your Templates into recurring Tasks.

The Schedule is where you assign the User or Role, set the Start Date, the Frequency, if and when it stops running, a Due date, and select which Clients.

NOTE: We recommend that users set up roles for your team members before making schedules to automatically assign and easily manage your team's tasks and workflow.

Click here to learn how to set up and assign roles to your team members.

  1. On the Automation board, select the Template with the Schedule you'd like to edit. This will open up a Template Details Tile on the right-hand side.

  2. Click on the Calendar icon on the top left of the Details Tile. This will open the Schedules page of the Template. Click on the +Add icon on the top right of this page.

  3. Assign the Schedule,

    1. You can Assign the Schedule to a Connect or Client User.

    2. You can Assign the Schedule to a Role.

    3. Or you can Assign a Schedule to an individual User.

  4. Set the Day and Frequency you want.

    On the calendar, select the Day and Date you want for your task's Start Date. If you select a Monday and select a frequency of weekly or fortnightly, your tasks will occur on Monday.

    If you select Monthly, Quarterly, or Annually, your tasks will appear on the Date you select, in this example the 19th.

    You must select when you want the Schedule to end, as in when you want the tasks to stop occurring. If you want it to run indefinitely then select No End Date, otherwise select an end date. To run a set amount of times, enter the number in Repeat.

  5. Set a Due date for your tasks, you can select the days after the Start date or days after the end of a specific period. Use the number field and the drop-down menus to make your selection.

  6. Activate Schedule Immediately - Schedules can have an On or Off state. Tick this box if you want your Schedule to be On when created.

  7. Create Tasks in the Future - You can change how far in advance these are created.

    As a default, your tasks will show on your board 2 days before the start date. Enter the number of months you want your tasks to show in advance.

    For example - If you add 1 under Months for a monthly recurring task, it'll get created a month in advance.

  8. Attachments can be added at the Schedule level (as well as the Template level). Click Add to add an attachment. You can also Drop and Drag or Paste your attachment.

  9. Select which Clients you want this Schedule to apply to by ticking the client from the list. The ticked clients will be moved to the top of the list.
    If you have a large list of clients use the Search option to save scrolling or filter by Client Groups. You can also Select / Unselect all.

  10. Save the schedule and you will be taken to a Confirmation Page. This will confirm the details of the schedule that you want to create. Click Yes to continue or No to go back and make changes to your Schedule.

  11. Your Schedule will now sit under the Template where it was set up, Templates might have multiple Schedules against them. You can set up as many schedules as needed for that template by selecting the +Add button.

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