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How To: Edit a Schedule
How To: Edit a Schedule

For what you can and can't edit on a schedule.

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To reduce confusion and possible mistakes, we have disabled the ability to change the frequency on an active schedule. If you require the frequency to be changed, we suggest you deactivate the schedule and create a new schedule with the new frequency you require.

You can only Edit the following areas of a Schedule.

  • Due Date

  • Add attachment

  • Change how far in advance these are created

  • *You can also edit the Start Date/Next Reporting Period Start Date*

  • If the schedule is not activated yet, you can simply update the Start Date.

  • If the schedule is activated, you have to update the Next Reporting Period Start Date. This will adjust all incomplete tasks created by this schedule in line with this change.

    • E.g. if you move the Next Reporting Period Start Date forward by a month, all tasks created by this schedule have their start date and due date shifted forward by a month.

To Edit a Schedule.

  1. On the Automation board, select the Template with the Schedule you'd like to edit. This will open up a Template Details Tile on the right-hand side.

  2. Click on the Calendar icon on the top left of the Details Tile. This will open the Schedules page of the Template.

  3. You can click anywhere on the Schedule or the pencil icon to start editing.

  4. Your Schedule window will open and allow you to make edits.
    Once you're done, click on the Save icon on the bottom right and your changes will be saved automatically.

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